How to choose my wine?

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A wine cellar is the fruit of a hobby or a passion. He is a part of yourself that you share with friends. In compiling it is good to himself as to ask the following questions in order to fully enjoy the wine. A good wine is a wine you like to drink. Taste is a personal data and no one else can tell you that you must find a wine good or bad.

How many bottles I use each year?

This is a first important question. It determines your budget and your storage space, but also the diversity of purchased wines. The answer depends on your needs and the way you drink wine or tasting, and how it will evolve.

On what occasions you store drinking wine? Does the wine at home on occasion consumption or turn ever more often a bottle on the table? If so, how will?

What flavors do I like?

The wine taste is caused by a multitude of variables, which have their effect throughout the process of grape to wine.

Wines can be divided into classes according to their similarity. We have divided them into several categories to help you decide what you like to drink. Each of these wines has its own flavor and character, its own aging and ripening process and its own serving opportunity.

  1. Dry, neutral white wines. These wines have little flavor, high acidity and are best drunk very cool. On a hot summer day these wines are the best thirst quenchers. Ideal picnic wine.
  2. Dry, very fruity white wines. They are for those who do not like high acid levels and still want some aromas. There are two categories. The one with more exotic fruit (such as pineapple, mango, passion fruit, etc.), the other with more cool fruit (such as green apples, pears, grasses, etc.).
  3. Semi-sweet or semi-dry white wines. They are usually made from riper grapes. Here, the sugar will already be at the forefront together with more concentrated fruit.
  4. Sweet white wines. They are made from overripe grapes or by noble rot affected grapes. They have a separate character and exhibit a plurality of concentrated flavors. Here we also find the most majestic wines 'eternal' to the elderly.
  5. Frizzanté wines. These are wines with slight amounts of carbon dioxide. The term comes from Italy, where they often certain white wines bottled very early and therefore more carbon dioxide from the fermentation is in the wine. They are very bright, pleasant to drink wines.
  6. Sparkling white wines. Not all sparkling wines come from the Champagne. Sparkling wines are made all over the world in a multitude of ways. Sometimes they get easily the level of a typical Champagne.And you knew that made the best white Champagnes from red grapes? Why not a real red or rosé sparkling wine?
  7. Rosé wines. They are ideal to accompany a lunch on a sultry summer day.
  8. Light red wines. They often look like white wines, but with aromas of red fruit. They are also best drunk cool.
  9. Full-bodied red wines. These sometimes have a higher alcohol content and are full of flavor. Which can usually in the basement for several years.
  10. Heavy red wines. These wines are often a meal in itself and of great quality. Concentrated aromas are an unstoppable whole. These wines have the capacity to fill your storage for many years.

Can I try these flavors with a few bottles in one package?

The brief descriptions above, however, will not tell you if you drink a wine like it or not as you see only described the wine and not taste. Therefore, we have compiled some packs of 12 bottles so you really know what you like to drink or not. All wines in the packages are mature. They You do not have to pass a number of years. However, we propose to put them aside 3 weeks so they can recover from the trip.

Again at a glance: 
Dry, bland, white wine 
dry, fruity white wine 
Semi-sweet white wine 
sweet, white wine 
Frizzanté wine 
Sparkling wine 
Rosé wine 
Light red wine 
full, red wine 
Heavy, red wine

What is my budget?

Wine is becoming less of a luxury considered because they satisfy growing in all price ranges to proper taste and quality.

Taste once a month, a wine carefully chosen from 5 EUR or you drink a daily glass of fine wine from 25 EURO? Or do you wines from two price categories? Budgets are like flavors and colors ... But along with the previous point she greatly determine your wine cellar.

You will always find wines that you'll love drinking in every price range. It is expensive wine is not necessarily good wine. Lower-priced wines are in a much more competitive environment than the more expensive. They will value quality are often much more attractive. It is a fact that the wine of a 5 EURO obviously not the complex flavors and long storage times may have as of 25 EUROS.

It is certainly possible to find a wine in your price range that you'd drink. Therefore wine have in our search engine , the option to search by price.

I buy classic French or worldwide?

I know people who absolutely are a dedicated fan of almost exclusively quality Bordeaux wines with some 'sandals' to Burgundy, California and Spain. I know fans who have an exquisite wine cellar in which almost all the major wine countries are represented with multiple regions or varietals. Can you imagine what interesting crossovers occur when these people meet each other?

Wine is made in the world virtually anywhere. France remains a major wine country but still experiencing more competition from other countries in terms of taste, quality and price. Production from other European countries is consistently better mainly by foreign investment. Especially wines from the New World like a train at us. They are full of surprises in terms of taste and price / value.

We have two packs ready for you to get acquainted with some New World wines have to offer zoal.

Summary question: How I enjoy wine?

The answer to this question is multifaceted. For example, you are a dedicated fan, or just someone who enjoys a glass of wine. In addition, the wine can you drink come from traditional areas, or from just about every country that produces wine. The price and quality plays a role. And finally, it may be that you choose your wine for a dish, a dish chosen by your chosen wine, or of the glass of wine enjoying themselves.

It is good to answer the question for yourself. The answer may read as follows: 
"I am a devoted fan who drink wines from every country in every price and quality category to drink on its own."

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