How to buy wine?

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Wine can be purchased in different places and at different times.

Buying over the Internet by example. Wines in Belgium

This is the latest way to buy wine. Find and buy wine over the Internet is by far the easiest way and offers enormous benefits and opportunities.

Buy wine directly from the producer

This is usually the most economical solution since the wine is purchased at source. Moreover, you know all of the vineyard and the winemaker since you've been there yourself. Many people make a wine trip a buying trip and vice versa. For travel information about wine, please contact Wine Travel .

The wine must of course be transported. Often there is not enough room in the car when you come back from vacation. 
There are several possibilities: 
- You buy only a few cases which have just enough in the luggage. 
- Go specifically to the vineyard to buy wine with a blank (order) carriage. 
- the winemaker arrange transportation for you. 
- you ask a carrier to transport your wine.

Wine purchase from the importer

This option is sometimes cheaper than going to the wine grower since the importer can transport cheaper. This is especially the case when one wants to buy wine from distant lands. Many importers also sell to individuals and have a good service. Some specialize in a country or region and are particularly well documented. Wines at inBelgium you will find the catalogs of the best Belgian wine merchants from whom you can buy wine directly from our site.

buy at the vintner wine

They usually give a biannual catalog of all their wines. The wines of good traders are often sold in perfect condition. You will here a bit more, but you can count on unfailing service and expert edge information about the product you buy.

Buy wine in supermarkets

As known supermarkets have changed the world. Thus, also for the wine. Vines were once bought some in the circumstances described above. Supermarkets have the advantage that they have a choice that usually has something for every taste. By contrast, nothing you different from the wine and the price. Additional information on the bottle you will not get it here. Although they change the circumstances in which the wine is not optimal are offered: usually too hot and too much light. But for quick consumption wines it plays less of a role.

buy wines in scoop

This means that you order wine and pay before they are bottled. So you will have to wait a year on the bottles. This method of sale is actually come to fruition because of the high demand, and actually scarcity of great wines in combination with lesser vintages, where the income of the producer is not certain. By buying first is a wine lover (almost) sure he can get some very sought after and rare bottles. But it can happen that you receive fewer wines than you ordered and paid. Houses with a good reputation can of course get your money back. Buy only in scoop with highly reliable traders.

When buying wine clubs

A wine club has some advantages: the members are informed by a tijdschrjft, the wines are tasted and selected by professionals and sometimes they offer lesser known wines. Some 'clubs "may be traders.

Buying at auction

It's very important to know the origin of the wines and their storage conditions. When they come from a great restaurant or a large private cellar (because of bankruptcy, renovation of the basement, death) then their custody probably perfect. Buying at auction, a wine auction, still requires some knowledge of the market and its mechanisms.

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