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we drink some wine at a selected dish or we first choose the wine and look for a matching dish?

Wine and food matching

It is normal that first the food and then think of an appropriate drink. At that moment, however, it is too late to make the wine a few weeks and may be the self that is to find a suitable wine for the dish. Therefore, we prefer to first seek out the wine and then put together the dishes based on the selected wine. You will see that it really is a discovery more interesting than you thought. We will not tell you which wine you should drink with your food, but how you can adapt your meals according to the wine that has chosen you.

At our wine of the month, you can find out which wines at the time dishes like asparagus and mussels, fit.

Some golden rules: 
The color of the wine is often linked to the dish. This is not by chance. Through the centuries, our European palates decided that white wines for example, better fish in definition than wild pass. This is because the strong taste of the wild kill the white wine and the fish will complement this wine. Of course there are exceptions, but that does not mean that generally lighter wines (white) matching lighter fare and apply heavier wines (red) to heavy dishes.Wine and food should have the same power. A spicy wine with spicy dishes for example.

Take for example some of the subdivisions on the heading "Wine choose.

  1. Dry, neutral white wines. These wines go best with light dishes like fish.
  2. Dry, very fruity white wines and wines with residual sugar. They form a perfect marriage with dishes rich in taste. For example in food or Indian.
  3. Off-dry and semi-sweet white wines are a beautiful set with smoked fish or shellfish.
  4. Sweet white wines usually have the stature to accompany very rich and greasy food. Think foie gras.
  5. fit Frizzante wines at a cold lunch or as a thirst-quenching afternoon doorkomer.
  6. Sparkling wines complement dishes with creamy sauces and butter raw fish.
  7. Rosé wines are picnic wines par excellence.
  8. Light red wines match light dishes. You can try them with fish, but they are at their best in domestic fowl.
  9. For full and heavy red wines must of course be found equaling dishes. Think of wild meat or lamb.

We offer a range of 6 bottles for each category.

Which wines go with which dishes?

Described below harmonies between wine and food are not complete. You will find matching wines with a particular dish. When you click through the robot is looking for some wines in our database.







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